Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Recommended by - father

Address - 616 E Pine, Seattle

Website -

Order - large Mocha and a Cornmeal Blueberry Muffin

Stumptown Coffee Roasters is tucked away in a cozy space just below the community theater on E Pine. In contrast to Victrola’s artistic vibe, Stumptown had a notable academic incumbent. To my left was a discussion about senior theses, and, while I was in line, the pair behind me were talking over their group project. This shouldn’t be a surprise as Seattle University is a short walk away.

Stumptown’s interior really made for a worthwhile experience. Across from me were a series of blown up still frames from a film that captured the coffee bean farming process, only adding to the feeling of authenticity. The barista area was the main focus of the cafe, as it should be. It took roughly half of the shop’s total area; it wasn’t too crowding, it showed where the priority should be. The tables were set up in pairs along with two sets of seats at counters mounted on the two front windows. In total, there was seating room for 20. The interior was well done, but what really brought it all together was the music. At the back of the barista’s area, there was an old vinyl record player blaring off classics like Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. How can you not enjoy yourself when The Beatles are in the air? 

The cornmeal blueberry muffin was the best blueberry muffin I had all week. Each bite was met with three tasty layers: the crusty sugared top, the buttery smooth middle, and the juicy blueberries. The muffins were cooked to perfection. You can tell this, particularly with blueberry muffins, if the berries still hold their structure and the middle has the same consistency as the sides. 

The mocha was very average. It was served luke warm and the use of chocolate syrup was noticeable with each sip. An upside of the drink was how it was served - in a beer glass. Stumptown paid great attention to detail in order to provide an enjoyable experience, but I would not recommend to go for the mocha. Their original blends may be worth trying though. In the spirit of the week of recommendations, I’d say, simply ask the barista for their favorite drink and go with it.